• School JTC—School Job Trial Training
What is the school JTC

JTC full name (Free) Job training Class, the introduction of trade in services (Internet) community - teaching, real business enterprise, work content to the universities, the establishment of a school community of real hands-on experience with universities, innovation and entrepreneurship Part-time mode.

Internal iCollege Grassroots Academy video lessons provided by ECCIC.ORG learning, businesses will online guide, after personal online authentication can begin trading operations. Zero threshold requirement, students with interest free to join, the freedom to organize, freedom to learn, freedom to operate in the mode.

Just because a company's business lines can socialize office, business at home and abroad for the global market, the development stage will require the employer to engage in trade in services is an emerging industry, with national advocacy of innovation and entrepreneurship education , with the state hospital policy to speed up a number of opinions on trade in services (Guo Fa [2015] No. 8) to encourage the Higher Institute of International Economic and Trade Services and Trade has set up trade-related courses, willing school-enterprise cooperation and training more integrated, jointly established industry practice base and talent base of JTC project mode.

iCollege job trial class project cooperation destination
iCollege same ECCIC.ORG its project, in the complementary advantages, mutual benefit, carry out personnel were sterile, to help improve the quality and efficiency of personnel training college, and college altogether to create a line with community needs talent, as well as our energy in school selection and reserve the right people, can enrich the company and project work, so that students in the school were provided free professional skills training, real job work experience, and accumulated practical experience and real jobs to part-time practice in school the way encouraged by the state of innovation and entrepreneurship education and employment in line with the emerging needs of society.
Academy for Professional
English related professions, commerce, marketing, economy and trade, etc. and the Internet industry professionals.
Cooperation method
The fundamental purpose of school-enterprise cooperation that schools and businesses through cooperation, sharing of resources, complementary advantages and common development. The role model of cooperation is to promote college and company mutual development goes well, at the same time to enhance students' employment rate, can facilitate the selection of our personnel to the appropriate positions, and therefore cooperation mode can be implemented progressively phased cooperation, more Cooperation mode selection through communication and consultation to find suitable ways of cooperation:

1. Schools can help companies publicize early, student volunteered manner or recommend small group of students to participate in, in order to achieve a driving force, corporate pre-sent to the school for a period of a time period of guidance and training (online guide with a longer time) , for example: one week, the time can be negotiated, so that students understand distance and experiential expertise practical operation, more familiar pattern, were driven by propaganda, witnessed effect.

2. The business-to-school grades were preaching, promote big influence. Students willing to enroll in a self-enterprise online and regular guidance and training.

3. encourage college teachers participate together, freedom to organize students to operate together.

4. Establish JTC work practices and talent base in the school is willing to incorporate college course teaching them. JTC excellent for school staff, after graduating from this job or company will provide employment opportunities for other positions, as detailed recruitment information: icareer.eccic.com.cn.

5. JTC project because the pattern is emerging school-enterprise cooperation model, to be one year from sowing, sprout, grow, leafy and industry service attributes, it is recommended in the sophomore, junior group performed because a free mode of operation, there is not a centralized management costs (in college work may be), to facilitate the work of project-driven college.

JTC mode
JTC project provided the entire operation relies on software platform, the process is simple and straightforward, and students who pass the online assessment certification to be free (part-time) practical operation; with independent learning ability, individuals or organizations the freedom to organize, is not difficult to master . Three platforms: business operational processes and product knowledge work: www.isoftvalley.cn (Sino-British edition, the students used to exercise personal English level) online guidance and customer management: ilog.eccic.com.cn learning platform: iCollege.eccic.com.cn , each person will open an account. Course: The actual example video programs, students with learning based on personal time. Course contents include: the foreign sales, e-commerce, e-business management knowledge, products and other industries knowledge base content.

(1) Online guide: iLog social circle, micro-channel platform: ISV_zaixianyanfa job standards.

(2) Target: English students interested in related professional can participate in the training, with the opening of the account will learn.

(3) because of voluntary student learning, not forcing, if the intermediate learning time conflict, individuals can arrange to pause or stop learning, then turn.

(4) After completing the JTC, the students can apply online certification, sales of domestic and foreign trade operations conducted through an online evaluation of talent, outstanding sends a certificate and 'T' index credit certification (attitude, ability, potential).

(5) Training using ilog social software system management, the training of students performance has been recorded to facilitate college query data, provide a reference for college training programs.

(6) excellent performance in school or graduate students, the company will offer internships and jobs, according to the company post treatment standards.

Training period and fees
1. Training time: 1 months
2. Training costs: Free
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