• Social JTC—Community work experience training
What is social JTC
1, Professional foreign trade staff, "one on one" teaching mode and icollege platform video teaching, a combination of both higher learning efficiency;
2, 3 months of time on the entire foreign trade workflow system to train and participate in the exchange of real customer negotiations;
3, The "money side edge training" during the training company can sell all products ISV Platform turnover commission 20%;
4, different from the other just only teach empty theoretical knowledge and virtual client negotiation training school, we used real customer negotiations conventional case training and teaching, the training process can be involved in the actual customer communications, will be the perfect combination of theory and practice.
JTC Resume Submission
Training phase
1、[Basic] business English and Internet software professional knowledge, foreign trade customer development tool platform usage and channel mining;
2、[Primary] The training of marketing thinking and negotiation skills, foreign customers to negotiate and exchange actual combat;;
3、[Senior] All the products of the company's ISV platform for foreign trade sales, trading amount of 20% as a reward.
Training period and fees
1、Training time:1 month
2、Training fee:1500 RMB / month
Our advantage
    Zero-based learning portal
  • Internet + software expertise
  • Business English
    Course on Trade in Services
  • Professional knowledge
  • Sales of thinking
  • Negotiation Skills
  • Courses follow the changes in the international market
    Training Model
  • One guidance professional foreign trade personnel
  • icollege Network Video Course
  • Theoretical knowledge + customer resource of actual combat
    Product coverage
  • Design class (logo, image processing, shop fitting site)

  • Site classes (corporate, business platform, integrated social networking platform)

  • APP(iOS / android / HTML5)

  • Office software, systems
    Foreign trade circle
  • Professional Learning Community discussions and exchange
  • Looking for help, peer sharing of experiences views
After training whereabouts
1. Become the company's internal foreign sales staff, salary + 10% turnover commission;
2. The candidates go to other companies (the actual development and negotiation experience in customer let candidates through rate greatly increased);
3. Their own businesses and become our personal agents (which can be shared with our resources, but also their own businesses at the corporate office, communication and technology companies).
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