• Company Introduction ,eccic.com.cn
  • Chengdu Genelsoft Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary ECCIC.ORG do online research service trade network platform cloud services company that provides online software technology research and development services to the global market through the company's network platform, trade in services, investment and cooperation projects and services.

    After several years of entrepreneurial development, customers from all sectors in over 200 countries and regions in the Middle East, Europe, Oceania, the Americas and other clients with 300% rate of growth, and won the praise of international customers and partners, continuously and customers obtain in-depth cooperation, while the establishment of the Australia, Japan, France and other overseas subsidiaries.

    The company is a type of virtual trade in services product, no documents and customs procedures, the national development and promote trade in services focus on supporting emerging industries, ECCIC.ORG invest in independent research and development of software management system provides continuous after-sale technical service, security customers receive continuous service while providing lower customer product upgrade single mode

    With the expansion of Internet life, cross-border electricity supplier market, the mobile services market continues to segment, the company's business is growing rapidly, and we advocate a "i" culture, it is a culture of self-advocacy, we encourage innovation, try, share, Zhang Xian personality commonality. ECCIC.ORG is gathering more vigorous, targeted people to join!

  • Let superior people become better
  • iCOLLEGE-one training and education, ready to solve your doubts and let you learn the
    theoretical knowledge and practical work fully combined. Through our training makes you more than a year of work experience. iCOLLEGE cost roots and cultivate the industry's elite, so that good people become better.
    For particularly outstanding staff (via assessment deserving students), iCOLLEGE free training.
  • Advantages impeccable , Midas touch , Your outstanding achievement
    • Teaching Features
    • One to one teaching
      Feel free to ask
    • Course Advantage
    • Case-oriented
      A video solution to a problem
    • Employment Security
    • You can stay with our company
      It can also be served in a foreign partner companies
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    • Cross-border electricity supplier Rise
      Employment huge demand for talent
  • 24 hours free lectures, free Experience Program
  • iCOLLEGE course tuition charging. New users within 24 hours after registration, free lectures, free to watch iCOLLEGE all video content.

    After the viewing, if you feel our video teaching content can help to you, you can continue to pay to watch, or select one of the line teaching.

  • College Category
  • Comprehensive coverage of all walks of life
  • Designed to provide diversified learning platform for students, improve the Networking Academy configuration,
    create different types of colleges, with diversified easy to create a practical education platform.
    iCollege teachers from frontline workers in any industry, business,
    the company can become a teacher here, because professor shared with more combat based on the fundamental issue!
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